Intermediate Book

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Bahasa Indonesia for Intermediate Level

This book is specially designed for Intermediate learners who want to talk like a local and learn in an easy way. The material in this book is more complex and covers a lot of different topics.


Intermediate B1+

1. Airport

Learning Goals:

– Mentioning transportation mode.
– Telling how to get to another location.
– Explaining the situation of public facilities.

2. Hotel Reservation

Learning Goals:

– Dealing with accommodation.
– Recommending places and services.
– Making an appointment.

3. At the Beach

Learning Goals:

– Explaining activities and hobbies.
– Mentioning basic objects around us.
– Explaining how to do simple things.

4. There was an Accident!

Learning Goals:

– Retelling an event from the past.
– Explaining the situation with adjectives.
– Expressing sympathy and hope.

5. Holidays

Learning Goals:

– Explaining traditions and customs.
– Comparing cultures and traditions.
– Expressing gratitude and congratulations.


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