Advanced Book 1

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Bahasa Indonesia for Advanced Level

Get ready for the Bahasa Indonesia Course, add your Advanced 1 Book Click, or scroll to preview. This book consists of grammar focus and high-frequency words to let you become master and fluent with a very practical approach.


1. My Emotions

Learning Goals:

– Expressing feelings and emotions.
– Explaining dos and don’ts
– Explaining a common case around.

2. Family

Learning Goals:

– Explaining one and others’ family members.
– Comparing family traditions.
– Describing relationships.

3. Body Parts

Learning Goals:

– Describing one’s physical appearance.
– Describing characters of others.
– Telling a story of the closest ones.

4. Math

Learning Goals:

– Giving preferences in numbers.
– Explaining size and measurement.
– Comparing appearances and size.

5. Animals

Learning Goals:

– Telling common animals in the area.
– Describing animal appearances.
– Explaining environment and habitats.