Advanced Book 1

Get ready for Bahasa Indonesia Course, add your Advanced 1 Book Click or scroll to preview. This book consists of grammar focus and high-frequency words to let you become master and fluent with a very practical approach.


Emotions (Perasaanku)

  • How to explain the doctor of your pain / sickness
  • How to say get well soon
  • Emotions
  • Observing how people feel
  • Speaking with the doctors

Family (Keluarga)

  • How to tell where have you been
  • Family member
  • Comparison and superlative
  • Talking about your family

Body Parts (Bagian Tubuh)

  • How to tell your physical characteristics
  • How to ask about someone’s physical characteristics
  • Body parts
  • Adjective
  • To be

Math (Matematika)

  • How to count
  • Math in Indonesian
  • Uses of “Yang”
  • Create your own story
  • Create your mind map

Animal (Hewan)

  • Recognize animals’ name
  • Identify their physical appearance
  • Talking about your pets
  • Grammar Ke-An
  • Having a conversation about your pet


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