Beginner Book

Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner to Intermediate

Learn Bahasa Indonesia for beginner with 10 comprehensive chapters that will let you have fun learning Indonesian. You will be able to speak like a local. Canggu Free Shipping




Greetings (Salam Kenal)

  • Pronunciation
  • Introducing yourself
  • Getting to know someone conversation
  • Numbers 1-15
  • Possessive – Grammar
  • Practice Conversation

Ordering Food (Pesan Makanan)

  • How to order food
  • How to pay
  • Offering help
  • Grammar verb+an
  • Demonstrative pronouns
  • Practice Conversation

How Much Is It? (Harga Berapa Ya?)

  • Indonesian Money
  • Counting to 1 million
  • Conversation in the market
  • How to bargain
  • Sentence Arrangement

Colors & Question Words (Kamu suka warna apa?)

  • Colors
  • Complete question words
  • Basic clothing words
  • Pronouns
  • Kita vs Kami

Time & Adverbs (What time is it?)

  • Days, Time, Week, Month
  • How to make appointment
  • Grammar : Time in Bahasa
  • Sequence
  • Adverbs of Frequency
  • Common words


Daily Routine (Aktifitas sehari-hari)

  • Tell your daily routine
  • rooms in the house
  • Objects in the house
  • Prepositions
  • Practice Conversation

Transportation (Transportasi)

  • Transportation
  • Airport Conversation
  • Create complete and varied sentences
  • Structure in sentences
  • Structure practice
  • Practice Conversation

Adverbs of Frequency (Kapan kamu lakukan itu)

  • Necessary words for visiting a doctor
  • Complete words adverbs of frequency
  • Master the frequency words
  • How to bargain
  • More daily activity words
  • Create your story with adverbs of frequency

Maps & Location (Bagaimana Cara ke Pantai)

  • Asking the direction
  • How to explain the street and direction light
  • Master at maps
  • Some formal words
  • How to rent surfboard

Shopping List & Market (Belanja di Pasar)

  • Groceries list
  • How to cook Rendang
  • Necessary ingredients
  • Prefix ber- & me-
  • Questions & Answers ch 1-10
  • Create your own recipe


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