20 Best Café around Kerobokan-Canggu

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It is one of the have-to-do lists when you are starting to live in Bali, which you can work from beautiful cafés with a fast internet connection, good coffee, and good food. Now we will tell you the list of best café around Kerobokan – Canggu. Let’s check them out!

1. B-Work Café 

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLEYHRQlEfK/

No matter if you decide to use the co-working or just stop by for a tea or a coffee, at B-Work Café the experience is always the same. With a beautiful design, a lot of sitting areas and a very comfortable atmosphere you can enjoy your time there. The menu is varied from an outstanding variety of food and drinks. If you also want to take advantage of their internet connection, there is no question that their connection speed and quality will be above everything that you have experienced before.

2. Amolas Café

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CN9PG2cj48g/

Amolas Cafe is a coffee shop place that is located in a beautiful area of Bali just between Canggu and Kerobokan. This café has a great indoor area, a semi-outdoor area, and a beautiful garden with a swimming pool just beside the rice field. The café serves delicious food, coffee, and pastry. With good prices and good Wi-Fi, the cafe makes a great place for work or a nice day out with friends or family.

3. Satu-Satu Coffee

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNUBRIOFdrf/

Located in trendy Berawa, this semi-outdoor café is famous for its coffee and the good range of food menu and other drinks. Free Wi-Fi for those who want to work and surf the net, as well as a reasonably priced menu. The staff here are friendly and they will give you warm welcome if you came here. It has a good location but a small parking space and is only open until 5 pm.

4. Hungry Bird 

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-liPO_pPuP/

Hungry Bird Café is a small cozy café located in Berawa, though small in size, this Berawa cafe is big on character. It’s a place for people to enjoy good coffee and good company with great Wi-Fi that is available to be used by anyone even you just stay there for 1 minute or hours to work.

5. Alter Ego

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjgTSpDHkHH/

If you’re looking for a café to work in and you also love the beach, this is the right spot for you. Alter Ego Café is one of those cafés that are good to work for, they are close by the beach and the staff is really friendly. The Wi-Fi connection is great, and boom you can work there all day. They also have plenty of plugs for charging your stuff which is good because you don’t want your battery to run out.

6. ZIN café

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFgI40wlvGQ/

This cafe can be found at Jalan Nelayan, which is very accessible. This cafe has so many available sitting areas, there are even some spacious outdoor places to enjoy their coffee. The Wi-Fi in this café is also very fast, so you can work all day without any problems here. The atmosphere is good too, especially if you’re doing work.

7. Super Food

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRIC1iQFJLU/

Super Food is a delicious and healthy mostly vegetarian and vegan food option for lunch or dinner. It is a little pricey but they have options that are organic and healthy which is great. They have a lot of space and they aren’t that full, you can also use their Wi-Fi and get some work done.

8. Warung El Passo 

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEa0s2OFiGK/

If you’re looking for a laid-back lunch location with a view, this is a great option. Located about 10 minutes from Canggu, this is the perfect place for a coffee break during a morning stroll or even to just get some work done. The café is an open space restaurant, It’s so big, they also have a pool there, but the best part is the view of the rice field next to it which is so pretty, and the place is quite cozy.

9. Living Stone

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPwZ2V8tyPR/

Living Stone Café & Bakery has become viral because of its beautiful design, foods, and so much more. Living Stone Cafe is located at Batu Belig which is in between Kerobokan and Seminyak areas. The Wi-Fi is pretty strong and the food is really good, even tho is a bit pricey but it’s worth it, they also have a variety of bakery which also you should try it out.

10. Dua Tiga

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7Z7lY-lY-e/

A cozy place to do your work for the whole day. They have a lot of varieties of food and drinks. It’s a pretty cozy café with a nice breeze of the weather so it’s nice to have a chill coffee alone or with friends. They have a good variety of food and good coffee also. The place is close to the road so there will be noise from the roadside, but that is not a big of a problem just put on your headphones and problem solve the noise is gone.

11. Nyom – Nyom

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNqyJJZlI61/

Located in Berawa, this café’s large upstairs terrace is the perfect place to sit back and let the day go by. Nyom-Nyom is a nice place for work because it’s quiet, spacious, and the atmosphere is very chill. They have a very affordable price, good coffee, good food. The staff is friendly and polite, ready to deliver a great service.

12. Secret Spot

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0LvkMYByLH/

Secret Spot is a charming café that offers you vegan food with absolutely amazing taste. A lot of people love their café because not only they serve vegan foods but vegetarian and gluten free foods as well which makes everyone feels comfortable eating here. Plus, it is a cozy place and many people go here to work on their laptop. The atmosphere is welcoming to everyone with free WiFi.

13. Koloni

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/By1PZqWAmEL/

Koloni Café offers a nice and cozy environment to enjoy your coffee, fresh juice or smoothie. This little café is located in the heart of Berawa. It offers indoor and outdoor area, free Wi-Fi and many choices of meals such as salads, pasta, waffles, as well as small bites. Koloni Café is perfect for those who want to work at a cafe or just enjoy a meal.

14. Ritual Coffee and Eatery

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8C89sPBxO4/

Ritual is located in the popular Berawa beach area of Canggu. The café is set out over 2 floors. On the second floor you’ll find a lot of sitting area, and they provide fast wifi (which is really important for work), and no music which make it perfect space for working. They have good service and many foods that will help you survive the whole day there.

15. Coffee Shop Berawa

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRN6lZFlWK-/

This café located on a corner of a busy street in Berawa. It is a cozy café with indoor and a little outdoor space. The specialty from their menu is salad because you have the choice to make your own and it’s a big portion too. The service here is really good as the staff will explain all your options to you so you can create your own salad. They have free Wi-Fi as well as charging point available for laptop users.

16. Café TGC

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0pgQaNJZBU/

Cafe TGC provides good coffee, cozy ambience indoor and outdoor, located in between Berawa and Umalas area. The interior and exterior design is Instagram-worthy, making it a great place to post a selfie and for sure to make your Instagram followers jealous, with its outdoor patio that is perfect for reading or working, and gourmet coffee served all day long that keep you awake and happy.

17. Café Coach 

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQFBYqxFXq-/

A café where you can enjoy good coffee, good food and free Wifi. Has a very beautiful design and super cozy, located in Jalan Nelayan. Cafe Coach is a good place to hang out for work for those who want to avoid chic office environment or always busy working space. The services are good, the staff is very kind and helpful.

18. Downtime Café 

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CORcz7WF8Il/

Downtime Café is a coffee shop and gaming lounge located in Kerobokan. The bright, modern interior features a selection of board games, whilst the open-plan layout allows guests to mingle or work privately. With a great selection of beverages available all day, Downtime Café provides the perfect place to relax with friends, enjoy some free Wi-Fi, or even work on your own projects. 

19. Cinta Café

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEStYQzjGOL/

The Cinta Cafe is an open-air restaurant at Berawa. A laid-back cafe with spectacular views of rice fields, and it has a lovely ambience. Cinta Cafe offer you lots of selection of delicious food, beverages and desserts in stylish atmosphere. Here you can also enjoy fresh local food in affordable price. Their customer service is also excellent, they know how to take care of their customer.

20. Monsieur Spoon – Batu Bolong

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B12zx4xlLjJ/

Monsieur Spoon is among the most popular cafes in Bali, famous for their signature croissant and coffees. The one in Batu Bolong is spacious, it has two different area, indoor and outdoor area, making it great for people who want to work or catch up with friends while enjoying a coffee or food!

In conclusion, embarking on a journey to discover the 20 best cafes around Kerobokan-Canggu while learning the local language adds a profound layer of enrichment to your adventure. These cafes not only serve up delectable dishes and beverages but also provide a cultural immersion experience that goes beyond taste. As you savor culinary delights, engage with locals, and practice the language, you create lasting memories that capture the essence of Bali’s vibrant culture. So, savor each sip and bite, embrace the language, and let your culinary adventure in Kerobokan-Canggu be a gateway to both delightful flavors and deeper cultural connections.

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