English Class

Our English class focuses on improving spoken English and offers flexible options for individual learners and companies. We provide private online and offline sessions, catering to different proficiency levels. Join us for a comprehensive and interactive learning experience to enhance your English skills.

Why us

Experienced instructors, personalized learning approach, comprehensive curriculum, flexibility, supportive environment, focus on real-life communication, progress monitoring, and community networking, ensuring a rewarding language learning experience.​

Company English Class

These classes can be customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of the company, ensuring that the language training aligns with the organization’s industry, communication requirements, and business goals. The curriculum can cover a wide range of topics, including business communication, technical vocabulary, writing emails and reports, participating in meetings, and handling professional interactions with clients and partners.

Company English classes can be conducted in various formats, such as in-person sessions at the company’s premises, online classes, or a combination of both to accommodate employees’ availability and preferences.

Private English Class

Private English classes offer flexibility in terms of scheduling, pace, and content. The curriculum is customized to address the specific strengths, weaknesses, and areas of interest of the student. Whether the focus is on improving conversational skills, mastering grammar rules, enhancing pronunciation, or preparing for language proficiency exams, the class is designed to cater to the learner’s unique requirements.

Our English Books