30 Indonesian Cuisine: Best Dishes You Should Try

Indonesian Cuisine

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Renowned for its magnificent landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Indonesia offers an incredibly diverse and flavorful culinary journey. From the bustling markets of Jakarta to the traditional warungs (small restaurants) in Bali, the mouth-watering appeal of Indonesian cuisine can be felt everywhere. This article explores thirty must-try dishes from this South-East Asian gastronomic paradise.

1. Nasi Goreng

Often considered the national dish of Indonesia, Nasi Goreng is a delectable fried rice offering. Infused with a flavorful mix of sweet soy sauce, shallots, garlic, tamarind, and chili, it often includes prawns, chicken, or beef, garnished with a fried egg on top.

2. Satay

Satay is an all-time favorite Indonesian street food. It features skewered pieces of meat—typically chicken, mutton, or beef—marinated in a mixture of spices and grilled over coals. The dish is usually served with a rich, sweet, spicy peanut sauce.

3. Rendang

Originating from the Minangkabau region in West Sumatra, Rendang is a slow-cooked beef curry. This flavorful Indonesian dish is cooked in coconut milk and a complex blend of lemongrass, galangal, garlic, turmeric, ginger, and chili, making it irresistibly aromatic and spicy.

4. Bakso

Bakso is a famous Indonesian meatball soup with beef, chicken, or pork. The meatballs are served in a hot beef broth, accompanied by noodles, tofu, and vegetables, making it a complete and satisfying meal.

5. Gado Gado

Meaning ‘mix,’ Gado Gado is a traditional Indonesian salad made with various steamed or blanched vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, fried tofu, and tempeh, all smothered in a flavorful peanut sauce.

6. Soto Ayam

Soto Ayam, or Indonesian chicken soup, is a yellow-turmeric soup filled with vermicelli, shredded chicken, boiled eggs, and various herbs. The soup is usually accompanied by a side of rice, making it a popular choice for breakfast or lunch.

7. Nasi Uduk

Nasi Uduk is a Betawi-style steamed rice dish cooked in coconut milk. It’s usually served with side dishes, including fried chicken, tempeh, shredded omelet, and the indispensable spicy sambal.

8. Ayam Goreng

Ayam Goreng refers to Indonesian-style fried chicken. Unlike its Western counterpart, it is traditionally marinated with various spices like garlic, galangal, and lemongrass before deep-fried until golden and crispy.

9. Pecel Lele

Pecel Lele is a popular street food dish featuring deep-fried catfish with hot chili sauce and rice. The catfish is marinated in a mixture of turmeric and other spices, creating a rich and satisfying flavor.

10. Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang is not just a dish but an eating experience. It comprises steamed rice served with various pre-cooked dishes, including meats, fish, vegetables, and spicy sambals originating from Padang, West Sumatra.

11. Babi Guling

Babi Guling is a famous Balinese dish of spit-roast pig stuffed with rich traditional spices and vegetable mixes such as cassava leaves, slowly ‘rolled’ (guling means to roll) over coal until it’s crispy brown.

12. Mie Goreng

Mie Goreng is a flavorful and spicy fried noodle dish typical in Indonesia. It’s made from yellow noodles stir-fried with soy sauce, vegetables, a protein of choice, and various spices.

13. Martabak

Martabak is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread, which can be sweet or savory. The sweet version is filled with chocolate, cheese, and peanuts, while the savory version is filled with eggs, spring onions, and minced meat.

14. Sayur Asem

Sayur Asem is a famous vegetable soup with a sweet and sour flavor, made from tamarind, peanuts, and a variety of local vegetables like corn, chayote, and long beans.

15. Tahu Tempe

Tahu Tempe is a simple yet satisfying dish made of tofu and tempeh. It’s usually deep-fried and served with a side of spicy sambal.

16. Nasi Kuning

Nasi Kuning, or ‘yellow rice,’ is a festive dish often served on special occasions. The rice is cooked with coconut milk and turmeric, giving it a vibrant yellow color and aromatic flavor. It’s usually served with various side dishes, forming a meal called Tumpeng.

17. Sate Padang

Sate Padang is a particular type of satay from the city of Padang. The skewers are usually filled with beef and served with thick yellow curry sauce, rice cakes, and fried shallots.

18. Semur

Semur is a type of meat stew braised in thick brown gravy. The main ingredient can range from beef, chicken, fish, tofu, or vegetables. The sweet and savory taste comes from the sweet soy sauce, shallots, onions, nutmeg, and cloves.

19. Ikan Bakar

Ikan Bakar, or grilled fish, is a popular seafood dish in Indonesia. The fish is marinated with spices and sauces, wrapped in banana leaf, then grilled over charcoal.

20. Perkedel

Perkedel, inspired by the Dutch dish ‘frikandel,’ are mashed potato fritters. These savory treats are often served as a side dish with rice or as an appetizer.

21. Kerak Telor

Kerak Telor is a traditional Betawi spicy omelet made from glutinous rice cooked with egg and served with shredded coconut and dried shrimp topping.

22. Pisang Goreng

Pisang Goreng is a popular snack made of bananas coated in batter and deep-fried until golden and crispy. It’s often enjoyed in the afternoon with tea or coffee.

23. Bebek Goreng

Bebek Goreng is a famous Indonesian dish of deep-fried duck. The duck is usually marinated with various spices, then steamed or boiled before deep-fried to a crispy finish.

24. Tempe Goreng

Tempe Goreng is a simple yet delicious dish where tempeh is deep-fried until it achieves a golden, crisp texture. It’s usually enjoyed as a side dish with rice.

25. Tumpeng

Tumpeng is a cone-shaped rice dish with various side dishes on special occasions. It is traditionally made with yellow rice and accompanied by vegetables, chicken, egg, and more.

26. Gudeg

Gudeg is a traditional dish from Yogyakarta and Central Java, made from young unripe jackfruit boiled for several hours with palm sugar and coconut milk. It’s usually served with rice, chicken, hard-boiled egg, tofu, and/or tempeh.

27. Otak-Otak

Otak-Otak is a cake of ground fish meat mixed with tapioca starch and spices. It’s traditionally served wrapped inside a banana leaf and grilled, giving it a unique flavor and aroma.

28. Pempek

Pempek, also known as Empek-Empek, is a specialty from Palembang, Sumatra. It’s a savory fishcake with a sweet and sour sauce called ‘Cuko.’

29. Ketoprak

Ketoprak is a vegetarian dish from Jakarta, consisting of tofu, vegetables, rice cake, and rice vermicelli served in a peanut sauce.

30. Lontong Sayur

Lontong Sayur is a rich and spicy vegetable curry served with compressed rice cakes (lontong). This comforting dish is popular for breakfast and is often accompanied by boiled eggs, tempeh, or fried tofu.

Each dish in Indonesian cuisine reflects the diverse culture, tradition, and distinct flavor of the region it comes from. Whether you are an adventurous foodie, a culinary explorer, or someone who enjoys experiencing culture through food, these 30 must-try dishes offer an appetizing journey through Indonesia’s culinary heritage. So, the next time you find yourself in Indonesia or at a local Indonesian restaurant, let your palate explore and savor the depth and variety of Indonesian food.

In conclusion, discovering and savoring the 30 best Indonesian dishes while embarking on a language-learning adventure is a truly immersive and rewarding experience. As you engage with locals and practice your language skills, each culinary exploration becomes a cultural exchange that deepens your connection with Indonesia. From street food stalls to family-owned warungs, these dishes delight your taste buds and serve as a gateway to understanding the heart and soul of Indonesian culture. So, let your journey through these remarkable flavors be a testament to the power of language in forging meaningful connections and enhancing your travel adventures.

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