Best 20 surf spots in Bali

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Bali is the paradise for the surfers, there is so many spots that you can go to for surfing. There is so many beaches you can choose from, whether you are a pro surfer or is your first-time learning. Here is the list of 20 surf spots in Bali you can go to.

  1. Madewi Beach
via: adithdit_

via: adithdit_

Madewi Beach is located 2.5 hour from Canggu, this beach has a beautiful black sand beach, and more importantly is good waves for surf. The minimum level for surfer required is Beginner, so no need to worry if you are a beginner level. The best time to surf here is in the morning, so for those of you who are early birds this is the spot. For beginner be careful not to break towards the rocks since there is many of them in this beach.

  1. Padang-Padang

via: eva_fachriah

This beach is one of the famous one among the advance surfers. This beach is located in Uluwatu, it’s the best for advance surfers since the waves are about 6 to 12ft. You need to pay for entrance and walk down a few stairs, the beach area it’s quite small but it’s still pretty as always.

  1. Keramas Beach

via: worldiegal

Another black sand beach located in Gianyar. It’s was one of the hidden spots but now a days it starts to be more known among the surfers. There is a bit of travel to go to this beach, but it’s definitely will be worth it. The scenery to access the beach are also to die for, since you will be walking along the rice paddies. 

  1. Green Bowl Beach

via: aprilopyana

This is for the fitness pro and pro surfers. There is a lot of stairs to get to the beach, not to mention you are bringing your surfboard up and down. Another thing is when you get to the water, the current here is pretty strong, so there will be a lot of paddling. The best time to surf in here is around noon to 3pm is, because in the morning the tide can be high.

  1. Suluban Beach

via: indraamink

This beach is also located in Uluwatu and it’s one of the it spots for surfing. It’s a must for every advance surfer to try spot. The beach is quite small and it has so many big rocks and make the place have the cave vibe all around. It is quite rocky so you have to be carefull when you surf here, but the waves are as great as you expected. 

  1. Batu Bolong Beach

via: maharajah8

The famous beach of Canggu. This beach is one of the places where you can learn how to surf, for beginner. You can surf here whether you are a beginner or advance, the beach is nice and has so many shops that offer you surf lesson. This place is also a bit rocky tho, so be careful when you surf, especially if you are a beginner. 

  1. Balangan Beach

via: ms.lauwren

This is beach is located in Uluwatu as well, but it has one of the pretty beaches in there, so even if you are not interested to surf you can just sit back and relax on the beach. This spot is good for any level of surfers so don’t need to worry, but you will meet a lot of medium to advance surfer at this beach.

  1. Impossible Beach
generated with medium confidence

via: dreamseasurf

The name is given because before is not easy to reach this beach, like almost impossible. People still keep coming here because this one of the best spots to surf for the best waves. Over the time this place become famous around the surfer and now the way to reach the beach is easier. This spot is the best for you who are advance or pro level surfer. Keep in mind that this is a long the reef so be prepared to protect your feet from the sharp reef when the tide is low.

  1. Jungut Batu Beach

via: lembongan_boys

Make a trip! This beach is located in the neighbouring island of Bali which is Nusa Lembongan insland. A small island close by Nusa Penida and it’s more chill, so you can either do day trip or you can also stay for a few days and chill after surf. At this beach you can find a few famous spots, which is Playground, Laceration, Shipwrecks, and last one is No Man’s. Most of this spot you can reach by paddling but for Shipwrecks and No Man’s you need a boat to take you there. Be careful when you are surfing at No Man’s because there are big and heavy waves and it tends to break straight to the reef.  

  1. Mahana Point

via: nila_ahp

Mahana Point is located at Nusa Ceningan which is just next to Nusa Lembongan Island. Although you need a boat to reach this spot, or you can climb down the cliff if you up for some challenge.  There are rumours that this is a sharky spot, but so far, all the surfers come back safely and alive.

  1. Balian Beach

via: elisabethhedy

Another spot for the early birds, because this spot is perfect to surf in the morning and before 11am. The reason is because it’s got windy during day time. Sometime there is trash floating in the sea because this beach it’s open to a river mouth, but not much we can do about that. 

  1. Echo Beach

via: surfers_bar_bali

The beach that located right next to Batu Bolong beach, although is next to each other this spot is for the advance only since the waves are powerful and there is a lot rocks and reef also. The best time to surf here is when it’s mid-hight tide. There are also nice restaurants and bar along the beach and you can just sit and relax.

  1. Nyang-Nyang Beach

via: youbelongwithhim

One of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Bali. It’s located in far south of Bali but it’s definitely worth the trip. Before you have to walk down to reach the beach, but now you can drive down with your bike, but do mind the steep down and back up, if you are not a pro driver better to just walk. If you want to surf here you have to be at least an advance surfer, because the waves are big and you’d have to be a good swimmer too.

  1. Black Stone

via: black_stone_surf_lesson

Another spot for beginner surfers, located in Nusa Dua. The wave in here is pretty smooth so it’s made it easier for you learn. If you are more advance then you can go a little bit of the left side, which have more fun waves.

  1. Sanur Beach

via: mefavspc

As the name, this one is located in Sanur beach, to be exact is in front of Hyatt Hotel. This is another spot for all level surfers. Is also good for beginner since some of the waves are pretty soft and slow, but you can also get some of the fun waves if you are medium to advance surfers.  

  1. Kuta Beach

via: bahasabule

The famous beach of all, the most packed from the tourist. This is one of the beaches that has so many options for surfing course, where the price is varied depending on where you go and what is included on the package. Most people will go here for their first-time learning.

  1. Dreamland Beach

via: bahasabule

Just like the name, the beach is dreamy. Beautiful white sands beach, with big cliff on the left and right side, and also super blue water. Perfect place for surfing, you can find nice waves in here, don’t worry if you are a beginner because there are some places that offer courses in here. 

  1. Bingin Beach
 generated with low confidence

via: worldiegal

Another pretty beach for the sunset. You can rent places in this area, with the direct view of the ocean, a nice weekend getaway. This is also become people favourite place to surf, the big and powerful wave and it’s one of the best waves for those adrenaline junkies. You have to be at least on the advance level to be able to ride the waves. 

  1. Double Six Beach

via: bahasabule

This one is also famous among the tourist. One of the beaches that also named after a big club that use to located next to this beach. This beach is similar to Kuta beach where you can find so many shops that are offering surf lesson and renting board for you. Level for the surfer needed in here are beginner to medium.

  1. Kedonganan Beach 

via: wayansupriyadi

This one is for the beginner, located in Jimbaran, this beach has a very calm waves which is perfect for beginners. there are no rocks beneath the water so if this is your first time you don’t need to worry about it. Another plus side is you can go to the fish market afterwards and enjoy the fresh seafood with a really good price. 

In conclusion, exploring Bali’s top 20 surf spots while immersing yourself in the local language is an incredible journey that combines the thrill of catching waves with the richness of cultural exchange. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or just starting to ride the waves, Bali offers a unique experience where you can master both the ocean and the language, creating memories that will last a lifetime. So, grab your board, embrace the Balinese way of life, and embark on this unforgettable adventure of surf and language in paradise!

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