8 Movies To Watch to Learn Indonesian Languages

8 Movies To Watch to Learn Indonesian Languages

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Film is one of the means to learn language. Not only in terms of language, but also from the culture and traditions that are lifted from the film. For those who are studying and wants to learn Indonesian, the 8 films below can be used as references to get to know more about Indonesian.

1. Denias, Senandung diatas Awan

This film was released in 2006 and tells the story of Denias who lives in the foothills of the mountains Jayawijaya. The main character of the school on the hill who is taken care of by the teacher, played by Mathias Muchus. He himself came from the land of Java.

This film adapts from the true story of a Papuan boy named Janias. This inspiration has won awards in several categories at the Film Festival Indonesia.

2. Laskar Pelangi

The film was released in 2008 and was adapted from the novel of the same name by Andrea Hirata. Tells about the struggle of children on Belitung Island to go to school. This movie presenting subtitles in Indonesian so that it will be easier for someone who is learn Indonesian of course.

3. Garuda di dadaku

If the previous 2 films tell about the struggle for school, then the first film It tells the story of a character who struggles to achieve his dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Emir Mahira as the main character inspires the audience to be determined to achieve their dreams in any field.

4. Hafalan Shalat Delisa

Another film that is suitable for learning Indonesian is Delisa Prayer Memories which was released in 2011. This film tells the story of a girl named Delisa who had to lose her mother because of the Aceh tsunami tragedy in 2004. Delisa has to come to terms with the condition where one of her legs must be amputated. This film is full of positive values ​​of life and inspiring religious values.

5. Sokola Rimba

Played by Prisia Nasution, she teaches reading, writing and counting to tribal children in what is known as the jungle man. The main character’s strong determination to teach can inspire educators and the public to be moved to do the same. This movie himself succeeded in becoming the best film at the 2013 Maya Cup.

6. Kulari ke Pantai

Tells the story of a child and a mother who plan to go on a road trip alone. But unexpectedly, one of the cousins ​​joins. They went through a full journey with challenges. However, this can actually make each one learn to be able to do it make peace and respect each other’s differences.

7. Keluarga Cemara

As the title suggests, this film has a family theme which is adapted from a novel by Arswendo Atmowiloto. Many things make their lives have to change such as adapting to discomfort like never before. The film that was released in 2019 is full of family values, struggle, and togetherness which are now starting to erode.

8. Melukis Pantai

The next suitable film for language learners is Melukis Pantai, which will be released in 2021. This film is inspired by the life story of Gol A Gong, a writer and literacy activist. He proved that shortcomings and limitations do not become obstacles to work. This movie will bring the audience immersed in a slick storyline.

The 8 films recommended for language learners above are full of values ​​and meaning in life. Not only learning the language, but every audience will also be inspired by the stories which is served.

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