How To Get Around Traveling in Canggu

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How To Get Around in Canggu

Canggu is a pretty small town, and it’s easy to get around, but you have to use a scooter or a bike due to the small roads.

But if you’re looking for more mobility or want to travel in style, there are plenty of options for transportation. Here’s how you can get around traveling in Canggu:

Rent a bike

  • Rent a bike from a shop. You can rent bikes at several shops in Canggu.
  •  Rent a bike from a hotel. Some hotels in Bali offer free or cheap bicycles for guests to use during their stay (you may have to register for this service). Ask your hotel about it!
  •  Rent a bike from a local. This is one of the most popular ways tourists get around in Canggu: simply ask someone who lives there to rent out their own bike to you for an hour or two at an agreed-upon price (usually quite cheap). Most locals speak some English and are happy to help out—just keep in mind that it’s better not to ride on the main roads if possible due to traffic laws restricting non-locals from riding there.
  •  Rent a bike from an app like Uber (or any other ridesharing app). If you’re traveling alone or with just one other person, renting through Uber might be cheaper than renting directly through another individual—especially if they’re charging extra fees because they don’t have insurance coverage yet! Just make sure there are no hidden costs involved before agreeing on anything, though…like maybe paying extra money because they didn’t include these details when discussing pricing beforehand.”

Rent a scooter

  • Renting a scooter is the most popular way to get around traveling in Canggu. They’re cheap, easy to find and you can rent them for as little as $2 a day (including petrol). You’ll need to be at least 18 years old in order to rent one.
  •  Before renting, you will need to show your ID card and driving license.

Take a Grab or Go-Jek

If you’re staying in Canggu and you don’t have a car, then the easiest way to get around is by using one of Bali’s two main ride-hailing services: Grab or Go-Jek. Both are available on the same app, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose—you can use either one to get around town. These two companies are both cheap and reliable (especially compared with taxis), and they also have a good rating from users who’ve taken their services. So whether you want to go shopping at Batubelgo or explore Seminyak Beach, these apps make it easy for anyone who needs transportation in Bali!

Get a taxi

You can use a taxi app like Grab to get around Canggu. If possible, try to secure a ride through your hotel since they can provide you with an honest recommendation of which drivers are good at their jobs (and which ones aren’t).

The best way to get around in Canggu is with your own vehicle.

The best way to get around in Canggu is with your own vehicle. Renting a vehicle is the most convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to get around.


You’ve got options, Canggu! Whether you want to get from point A to point B on two wheels or four, we can help you figure out which is best for your travel situation. Just remember that if you want the freedom of a motorbike without having to worry about insurance and maintenance costs, let us know so we can set up an easy rental process with our partners at Lombok Motorbikes. Happy traveling!

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