Advanced 2 Indonesian Book



Bahasa Indonesia for Advanced 2 Level

Get to know basic Bahasa Indonesia language in effective ways. This book consists of grammar focus and high-frequency words to let you become master and fluent with a very practical approach.


1. Reading a Recipe

Learning Goals:

– How to follow instructions.
– Explaining certain dishes.
– Comparing ingredients and steps of different foods.

2. Shopping for Clothes

Learning Goals:

– Using terms and phrases when doing transactions.
– Describing shopping items.
– Making a complaint.

3. Travelling

Learning Goals:

– Explaining areas and facts about Indonesia.
– Making causative sentences.
– Comparing habits of two or more different groups of people.

4. Calling and Texting

Learning Goals:

– Using abbreviations and slang.
– Using texting and daily phrases and terms.
– Explaining situations/events happening at the same time.

5. Business Presentation

Learning Goals:

– Explaining steps to prepare a meeting.
– Promoting products.
– Using phrases for business communication.


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