Pre intermediate Book

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Bahasa Indonesia for Pre-Intermediate Level

Learn Bahasa Indonesia for pre-intermediate. Comprehensive chapters that will let you have fun learning Indonesian. You will be able to speak like locals.


Pre Intermediate B1

1. Family Tree
Learning Goals:

– Mentioning family members.
– Telling relationships.
– Making sentences using several subjects.

2. Let’s Go Shopping
Learning Goals:

– Demonstrating simple direct transactions.
– Telling preferences for shopping.
– Asking questions to show preferences.

3. Asking the Weather
Learning Goals:

– Explaining the situation.
– Telling the current conditions.
– Comparing situations in different places.

4. Reading the Map and the Direction
Learning Goals:

– Describing how to get to a location.
– Describing the things around.
– Making longer sentences.

5. Daily Habits
Learning Goals:

– Explaining habits of you and the others.
– Telling events in order.
– Making a schedule.


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