Speaking Book & Exercise

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Learn to speak Indonesia as Bahasa Bule focus on the maximizing the exercise through exercising words to speak right away with more questions and answers practice.

Syllabus :

Greetings (Salam Kenal)

  • Greetings
  • Thank people
  • Say sorry
  • Offer help and ask for help
  • Ask permission and give suggestion
  • Repeat and check to understand
  • Worksheet

Eating Out (Makan di Restoran)

  • How to order food
  • Restaurant situation
  • Somethings wrong in your food
  • Ask for the bill
  • Special Request

Groceries (Belanja Makanan)

  • Groceries Items
  • Ask location of an item
  • How to return or exchange an item
  • How to bargain
  • Worksheet

Appointment (Janji Ketemuan)

  • Introduce other people
  • Invitation
  • Book appointment
  • Ask on a date
  • Make a small talk
  • Worksheet

Marketplace (Belanja Online)

  • Book and Order Food Online
  • Online Shopping
  • How to download application
  • Steps of Online Shopping
  • Invitation to order online

Lifestyle (Gaya Hidup)

  • Join membership
  • Ask to pay monthly / yearly
  • Villa survey
  • Ask included facilities
  • Direction
  • Necessary words for showing how to go to a location

Clothing Store (Belanja di Toko Baju)

  • How to buy clothes
  • Ask size
  • Colors
  • Ask to try clothes
  • Type of clothes
  • Clothing store conversation

Rent car / bike, Staying in a hotel (Rental mobil / motor Nginap di hotel)

  • How to rent a motorbike
  • Negotiate conversation
  • Type of Hotel room
  • Ask what facilities are included

Not Feeling Well (Tidak enak badan)

  • Making appointment
  • Visiting doctor
  • How to download doctor apps
  • Doctor consultation
  • Tell how you feel

Problem Solving (Menyelesaikan masalah)

  • Report emergencies
  • Vehicle problems
  • How to report a crash
  • How to report a robbery
  • How to report a fire
  • How to report a floodHow to talk about problems with equipment


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