Upper Intermediate Book

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Bahasa Indonesia for Upper Intermediate Level

This book is specially designed for upper-intermediate learners who want to talk like a local and learn in an easy way. The material in this book is more complex and covers a lot of different topics.


Upper-Intermediate B2

1. Salam Kenal dan Jalan-Jalan di Bali

Learning Goals:

– Making small talk.
– Delivering news.
– Comparing situations.

2. Restoran, Pesan Makanan, dan Berapa Harga

Learning Goals:

– Making reservations.
– Asking and giving recommendations.
– Making order

3. Buat janji ketemu teman dan tanya arah ke pantai

Learning Goals:

– Asking a direction.
– Making an invitation.
– Making an itinerary.

4. Belanja di Pasar Canggu buat Masak

Learning Goals:

– Making steps to do something.
– Calling for a service.
– Requesting specific things/ways.

5. Aktifitas sehari-hari dan adverbs of frequency

Learning Goals:

– Describing daily activity
– Describing ways of doing something.
– Advising others.

6. Airports dan Reservasi Hotel

Learning Goals:

– Making reservations
– Describing activity.
– Asking for assistance.


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