Elementary Book

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Bahasa Indonesia for Elementary

Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Elementary. Comprehensive chapters that will let you have fun learning Indonesian. You will be able to speak like locals.



1. Shopping Delivery

Learning Goals:

– Ordering through text.
– Telling clothing articles.
– Telling positions.

2. What is in Canggu?

Learning Goals:

– Explaining the situation around.
– Using simple adjectives.
– Telling directions and buildings.

3. What Do You Do for a Living?

Learning Goals:

– Explaining simple roles.
– Describing tasks.
– Explaining hobbies.

4. A Day in My Life

Learning Goals:

– Telling events in order.
– Explaining daily routines.
– Using simple verbs.

5. Where Do You Want to Eat?

Learning Goals:

– Giving preferences for foods and drinks.
– Simple review on restaurants.
– Ordering food and drinks.